The Glow of Grace

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Marchers raise awareness of Grace Center

By Times Staff Gloucester Daily Times

Gloucester’s Fishermen’s Memorial is always lit by night.

Yet, on Sunday night, it took on an added ‘glow of grace,’ with dozens of marchers gathering and placing LED candles that wrapped around the base of the iconic Man at the Wheel as part of a vigil hosted by The Grace Center.

The occasion was the second annual “Glow of Grace” march, designed as a fund-raiser for the dayside center, but also to further raise awareness of local individuals who are homeless or otherwise in transition and at risk.

The event began with a gathering at Gloucester High School, then continued with the march down Centennial Avenue and Stacey Boulevard to the memorial.

The Grace Center, which provides a variety of services to those who are homeless or otherwise in need, is based at three rotating central Gloucester churches — Unitarian Universalist, St. John’s Episcopal, and Trinity Congregational. Since its August 2011 founding, the center has served some 500 individuals, Executive Director and Rev. Thomas Bentley has said.